Rug Cleaning Gordon

#1 Quality Rug Steam Cleaning Gordon

A steam vacuum cleaner is best for rugs and carpets. Steam brooms also loosen the dirt, but can only partially absorb it through the cloth. With the steam vacuum cleaner, the hot steam penetrates to the deepest dirt, loosens it and kills a large part of the mites in the process. The loosened dirt is then completely sucked up with the steam0 and fed into the dirty water tank. Steam vacuums offer good and quite thorough cleaning of rugs. You can contact our professionals for Rug Steam Cleaning Gordon, NSW and getting the desired cleaning results at affordable prices.

Rug Cleaning Gordon

Expert Rug Stain & Mould Removal

If you just want stains to be removed, Carpet Cleaning Gordon will be happy to take care of your needs. To do this, we first define the nature of the stain and mould. We check the water solubility of the stains with a simple test. For 99 % of all water-insoluble stains, we find a solution with our special spotting case. For this purpose, we produce a pleasantly scented cleaning solution, which we spread on the rug with careful dabbing. We not only clean your rug deep into the pores but also remove existing stains.

Rug Odour Cleanup & Sanitization

We eliminate bacteria and germs in the rug through cleanup and sanitization. Sanitization is required to prevent progressive bacterial contamination, which can also be hazardous to health.

The product we use for sanitization has been specially developed for this area and is recommended by leading manufacturers of rugs and is used for the antimicrobial treatment of rugs.

It has the special property of stopping and destroying the growth of odor-developing bacteria, fungi, mould, moths, mites, and algae. This cleanup therefore also has a preventive function.

Residential Rug Cleaners Gordon: Skilled & Licensed

Rugs can get dirty quickly at home. Dust, stains, pet hair and other dirt accumulate quickly and are often stubborn. So that you can feel comfortable at home and hygiene is taken care of, Carpet Cleaning Gordon takes care of the rug cleaning for you. With our special skilled and licensed agents, we can treat every residential rug carefully and clean it completely. Contact us with your request – our professional cleaning staff will take care of your rug cleaning at your home.

Residential Rug Cleaners Gordon

Our Effective & Quality Rug Cleaning Process

The rug washing process by the specialists comprises 10 treatment steps of rug cleaning that are tailored to the individual requirements of each rug. Your rug will be cleaned professionally and conscientiously by our professional rug cleaners in Gordon.

Analysis- Careful examination before washing for damage, soiling and possible risks.

Tapping- The automatic tapping system is matched to your rug for rug cleaning and loosens dust and loose dirt.

Bathing- Your rug is bathed in neutral, environmentally friendly detergents in various facilities.

Rinsing- The rinsing process loosens dirt attached to the fibers or stuck between the fibers.

Drainage- Drainage is a process that pushes a large part of the moisture out of your rug.

Control- During the next stage of rug cleaning, your rug will be checked for stains that can still be removed while it is still damp.

Brushing- The pile is brushed in the direction of the grain when it is still damp.

Drying- The drying takes place in a computer-controlled climatic chamber, fibres and colours are conserved.

Possible repair services- If required, repairs can be carried out on your rug.

Final inspection- We will inspect the rug to declare everything is set and you can use your rug now.

Rug Cleaning Gordon
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